[Femdom 2018] The Mean Girls – We Bury Lazy Slaves. Starring Princess Skylar [Bootdom, Femdomboot, Boot Domination]

[Femdom 2018] The Mean Girls – We Bury Lazy Slaves. Starring Princess Skylar [Bootdom, Femdomboot, Boot Domination]




Sometimes we torment slaves just for fun. Its not necessarily for punishment or misbehavior of any kind. Basically it just entertains us to be mean as fuck to them. Although this one does tend to be kinda fat and lazy.so he deserves to be tormented on a regular basis, in our opinion.

Anyways, Princess Carmela had this fat buried out in the desert behind Our compound up to its neck just to be mean to it. He is apparently handcuffed under the sand to some sort of cement block or something and can’t get out. So I just had to go see this! I thought it was hilarious.

I make sure to sit in front of it in my shiny stiletto boots to torment it a little bit. (It wants to lick my boots sooo bad- even after we`ve torturred it like this. So fucking pathetic. To add insult to injury, I am sipping a nice, cold drink right in front of him. Poor slave, he must be sooo parched by now. Eventually it starts to beg for some of my water. Just to be extra mean to it, I pour some of my water right into the sand in front of the helpless slave’s face just to waste it in front of him haha.

Then I make it lick the dust and sand off my boots. Of course, it HAS to comply with my orders. Otherwise, what chance does it have of EVER getting out of this predicament? Can you imagine if I told Carmela that this idiot dared to disobey a direct order from ME?? We would leave it to like literally ROT out here. LOL. That sand it is licking off of my boots must be great for its dry, parched throat haha. I don’t really care. I have already learned that this is how slaves are MEANT to be treated- and they need to be grateful for being allowed around us – even if we`re tormenting them.

After licking my boots clean, it starts begging for water AGAIN! I tell it I will give it whatever I want – so I decide to light up a cigarette and as I casually smoke it, I flick my hot ash into its open mouth. That hot, dry ash must be so wonderful to taste while being buried out here for days in the 100 degree heat LOL. And I make its fat, ugly ass thank me for it too!

You need to see the clip to see if I have ANY mercy on this loser at all.or if I leave it to suffer some more while I go inside to laugh with Carmela about what she did to this pathetic fuck!

– Princess Skylar

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