Maya Sin starring in video ‘You will never satisfy my sadistic cbt urges as much as my Squishy toy (POV with slave)’

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With her LATEX clad butt Mistress Maya Sin is sitting on her slave who is lying naked on a bench. Mistress is having fun playing with his DICK and BALLS. He is well trained, even that he feels PAIN, he doesn’t make a sound, just how Mistress Maya likes it and how she has trained him. And you, you are KNEELING before your Mistress looking up to her. She knows you want to be in his place but no, you can’t. Her SLAVE has earned the privilege to be so close to her. He endures what she dishes out without complaining. You, on the other side, you are a pathetic LOSER, a pathetic excuse for a man.

Look how Mistress plays with his balls, his dick. Look how she pinches and twists his balls, SLAPs his penis. He is wincing in pain but he keeps quiet. This turns Mistress Maya on, the devotion and the endurance of her slave. You would cry, you are a PUSSY, unworthy to ever be up there at her side. You can only dream to be in his place as she stomps his penis. All Mistress Maya Sin has for you is her spit. That is what you deserve.

Category: FEMDOM POV
Keywords: maya sin, slave, french mistress, pain, asian mistress, cbt, training, petite mistress, femdom pov, spitting, ball twisting, cfnm, mistress, latex

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